Mercedes Benz E60



Mercedes-Benz E 60 AMG (W 124). This high-performance saloon is one of the great rarities in AMG’s history. The E 60 AMG was built from 1993 to 1994 and distributed through the official Mercedes-Benz sales network. Photo from 1993

The W124 series entered a whole new level when the Mercedes-Benz 500 E made its debut in 1990 – it was the first eight-cylinder model in the history of the E-Class. The sedan with an efficient 326 hp engine differed from the others in the 124 series only by widened fenders, a slightly lowered body and a modified front bumper with integrated fog lights. Due to the discreet look, not too many people noticed a vehicle with the performance of a sports car, which was assembled at the Porsche plant. The “auto motor und sport” magazine, in its issue No. 25/1990 stated that “It is good-natured just like an uncle from children’s stories, agile just like a real sports car and most importantly, but also quite comfortable!”

The top model in the 124 series, was however the E 60 AMG with a 381 hp engine, which was launched in 1993. The M119 E60 engine, double AMG exhaust marked with ‘AMG’ letters on the sides of the air filter cover will provide an amazing experience.

The car presented by Legends is a beautifully preserved vehicle imported from Japan and prepared for registration. The black leather interior, automatic transmission and only 51,000 kilometres of mileage make the car not only an efficient mile-eater but also a good investment of capital that should be well maintained.


  • Airbag - Driver
  • Airbag - Passenger