Genuine Rear Disc Brake Pad Kit For Toyota Land Cruiser 2011-2015

150.00 د.إ

Perfect replacement for original worn out counterpart, Best for restoring your vehicle to factory condition performance, Reliable and built to last, Speedy in response, Doesn’t allow for any operating noise


A set of Genuine Toyota Rear brake pads for the Land Cruiser 70, 80, 90 and 120 series. Made of superior quality friction material and processes, fitting Genuine brake pads last longer, provide you with better braking performance and above all peace of mind fit. One brake pad set consists of 4 individual pads, enough to fit both Rear calipers.
We also supply the GENUINE TOYOTA REAR PAD GUIDE FITTING KIT if required.

Why fit Genuine Pads:

  • All Genuine Toyota brake pads are R90 approved as you would expect from Toyota. In keeping with the R90 testing every pad will be marked with the specific data to that pad.
  • Every pad is specifically manufactured with the relevant Friction material and exacting standards.
  • Genuine Toyota Brake pads for your Hilux Pickup, Surf or LandCruiser use extreme bonding materials, this prevents the pads friction material from de-bonding under extreme heat and pressure caused when the brakes are applied.
  • Using Genuine pads provides you with the confidence that you are fitting the best pad on the market, providing excellent stopping power, long life, minimum dusting, optimize noise and vibration control and 100% asbestos free !!
  • Genuine Toyota Parts ensure your vehicle is running the same like it was from the factory.
  • Putting it simply, Genuine is best!!

About the pad:

  • Toyota Optifit pads will come in a sealed box.
  • You will notice the pads have a central slot in the middle, this is to help with initial brake squeal.
  • Friction material thickness approx 9mm
  • One set of pads will fit both rear brake calipers.


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